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Experience the Magic of Pop in and Play: A Place for Families to Bond and Build Memories with LEGO

Do you remember the joy of building towering structures and imaginative creations with LEGO bricks during your childhood? Now, imagine that magical experience brought to life in a vibrant, interactive space where kids can unleash their creativity, and families can bond over the joy of play.

Building Blocks of Creativity: How LEGO Enhances Imagination in Children

Embracing the spirit of creativity, Pop in and Play offers three exciting venues in Abu Dhabi: World Trade Center Abu Dhabi, Yas Mall on Yas Island Abu Dhabi, and The Galleria Al Maryah Island Abu Dhabi.

Building Social Skills Brick by Brick: LEGO Play as a Tool for Collaboration

While traditional toys have always played a role in fostering creativity and imagination, one toy in particular stands out for its ability to promote collaboration and communication: LEGO.

Unlocking the Power of Play: The Benefits of LEGO for Child Development 

Play is a fundamental part of every child's life. It is through play that they learn, explore, and develop essential skills that will shape their future.

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